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Structural bioinformatics for drug discovery and development

Mark S. Johnson
finmark54 at icloud dot com

Åbo Akademi University

Mark S. Johnson

Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory

Ageing-related diseases, Autoimmune diseases, Basic research, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biomolecular chemistry, Biopharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Cancer, Chemical Physics, Computer Science, Diabetes, Drug target, Hit to lead, Inflammation, Inherited diseases, Lead optimization, Lung cancer, Medicinal chemistry, Metabolic diseases, Molecular modelling, Musculoskeletal disorders, Nucleic acids, Organic compounds, Pattern recognition, Personalized medicine, Physico-chemical properties, Preclinical development, Receptor, Signaling, Structural Biology, Surface area, Target discovery, X-ray crystallography

Systems Molecular Engineering

Jianwei Li[at]

Department of Chemistry,
University of Turku

Jianwei Li

Jianwei Li Research Group

Atomic-force microscopy, Basic research, Biochemistry, Biomarker, Biomedicine, Biomolecular chemistry, Biotechnology, Cancer, Chemical Physics, Combinatorial chemistry, Drug delivery, Drug target, Electron microscopy, Fluorescence spectroscopy, FTIR or RAMAN spectroscopy, Hit to lead, Imaging, Infection, Inflammation, Lead optimization, Medicinal chemistry, Microstructure analysis, Molecular modelling, Nanoparticles, Natural Compounds, Next-generation sequencing, NMR, Nucleic acids, Organic Chemistry, Organic compounds, Particle size analysis, Physico-chemical properties, Powder X-ray diffraction, Preclinical development, Proteomics, Screening, Structural Biology, Synthetic Biology, Synthetic chemistry, Thermal analysis, X-ray crystallography

Medicinal Chemistry

Olli Pentikäinen

Institute of Biomedicine,
University of Turku

Olli Pentikäinen

Autoimmune diseases, Basic research, Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, Cancer, Hit to lead, Inflammation, Inherited diseases, Lead optimization, Medicinal chemistry, Molecular modelling, Organic compounds, Pharmacology, Physico-chemical properties, Receptor, Screening, Signaling, Structural Biology, Synthetic chemistry

Early detection of Alzheimer´s disease: a translational study

Juha Rinne

Turku PET Centre, University of Turku and
Division of Clinical Neurosciences, Turku University Hospital

Juha Rinne

Ageing-related diseases, Biomarker, Clinical development, Clinical Medicine, Diagnostics, Imaging, In Vivo Diagnostics, Molecular diagnostics, Neurological disorders, PET, Receptor

Innate and adaptive immunity in viral infections

Ilkka Julkunen

Institute of Biomedicine
University of Turku

Ilkka Julkunen

Mechanisms of activation of innate immunity in viral infections

Antibodies, Assay development, Autoimmune diseases, Basic research, Biomarker, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Imaging, Imaging software, Immunology, In Vitro Diagnostics, Infection, Inflammation, Medicinal chemistry, Molecular Biology, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular diagnostics, Molecular modelling, Neurological disorders, Pattern recognition, Proteomics, Receptor, Signaling, Virology

Health and Biomedical Natural Language Processing

Tapio Salakoski

Contact person: Hans Moen

Department of Future Technologies
University of Turku

Tapio Salakoski


Basic research, Computer Science, Data mining, Diagnostics, Machine learning, Natural language processing, Pattern recognition