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BioNanoMaterials research group

Jessica Rosenholm

Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory,
Åbo Akademi University

Jessica Rosenholm

Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory


Antibacterial, Biomedicine, Biopharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Cancer, Diagnostics, Drug delivery, Drug solubility, Drug stability, Electron microscopy, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Formulation, FTIR or RAMAN spectroscopy, Imaging software, Infection, Lead optimization, Musculoskeletal disorders, Nanoparticles, Natural products, Organic compounds, Particle morphology, Particle size analysis, Personalized medicine, Pharmacy, Physico-chemical properties, Porosity, Powder flow characterization, Powder X-ray diffraction, Preclinical development, Screening, Skin diseases, Super-resolution imaging, Surface area, Synthetic chemistry, Thermal analysis, Zeta potential

Data Mining and Modeling for Systems Biology and Pharmacology

Tero Aittokallio

Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Turku

Bioinformatics, Biomarker, Biomedicine, Breast cancer, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Computer Science, Data mining, Diabetes, Disease models, Drug target, Genomics, Imaging, Machine learning, Metabolic diseases, Natural Compounds, Natural products, Ovarian cancer, Pattern recognition, Personalized medicine, Pharmacology, Point of care, Prostate cancer, Proteomics, Screening, Signaling, Synthetic Biology, Systems Biology, Target discovery

Computational Biomedicine and Bioinformatics

Laura Elo

Turku Centre for Biotechnology,
University of Turku

Laura Elo

Computational Biomedicine


Autoimmune diseases, Bioinformatics, Biomarker, Biomedicine, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Data mining, Diabetes, Diagnostics, Epigenomics, Genomics, Imaging, Machine learning, Metabolic diseases, Molecular diagnostics, Next-generation sequencing, Pattern recognition, Personalized medicine, Proteomics, Systems Biology, Target discovery