Drug discovery

Screening Unit

The screening unit offers academic researchers and industrial customers a broad range of services for identifying and optimising bioactive molecules for the drug discovery process. These include molecular modelling and in silico screening, development of screening assays and compound library screens, in vitro and in situ hit validation, hit optimisation and SAR analyses. A suite […]

Assay development, Basic research, Disease models, High throughput imaging, Hit to lead, Lead optimization, Medicinal chemistry, Molecular modelling, R&D Platforms, Screening, Signaling, Target discovery

The Turku Metabolomics Centre

The Turku Metabolomics Centre (TMC) was established in the Fall of 2017, and currently comprises four analytical laboratories on the University of Turku and Åbo Academy campuses, with the primary focus on biomedical and clinical applications. TMC covers a broad range of analytical methods, useful for discovery studies, hypothesis-driven targeted studies as well as clinical […]

Basic research, Bioinformatics, Diagnostics, In Vitro Diagnostics, Machine learning, Metabolomics, NMR, Pattern recognition, R&D Platforms, Systems Biology, Target discovery

Turku BioImaging

Turku BioImaging, TBI (www.bioimaging.fi), is an umbrella organization for “all things imaging” in Turku, jointly operated by Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku. TBI was initiated in 2007 as a broad-based, interdisciplinary imaging consortium that aims at bringing together all biological and medical imaging expertise in Turku and elsewhere in Finland. In 2017, […]

Atomic-force microscopy, Basic research, Clinical development, Diagnostics, Electron microscopy, FTIR or RAMAN microscopy, High throughput imaging, Imaging, Imaging software, In Vivo Diagnostics, PET, Preclinical development, R&D Platforms, Super-resolution imaging, Ultrasound imaging

Turku Center for Disease Modeling

TCDM is a research and research service organization at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku, and is part of the Biocenter Finland “Model Organisms” network. TCDM provides state-of-art research facilities and expertise in studies in experimental animals to support both academic and industrial associated preclinical research. The facilities and expertise are also available for contract […]

Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Disease models, Lead optimization, Obesity, Preclinical development

Laboratory of Electron Microscopy

Laboratory of Electron Microscopy is a core facility open for everyone who needs electron microscopy in their work. The EM core offers all the services needed for electron microscopic studies including specimen preparation, imaging with electron microscopes and help in questions related to EM. Laboratory of Electron Microscopy

Basic research, Electron microscopy, Imaging, Target discovery

Viral Vector Facility

The Turku Viral Vector Facility produces lenti, adeno and retroviral vectors as a service to research labs. We deliver high titer, concentrated viruses ready to use in your experiments. Custom designed stably transduced cell lines with gene knockdown or overexpression are also be produced. We also produce Lenti-CRISPR-Cas9 gene modification tools. Our speciality areas are […]

Basic research, Drug target, Screening, Signaling, Target discovery