Technology transfer units

University of Turku –  UTU TTO

UTU TTO is constantly seeking for research collaborations opportunities with industry and funding opportunities for commercial utilization of its existing IP portfolios and it is also offering UTU technologies, intellectual property and expert know-how available for licensing. For example

Highly enhanced mutagenesis method for generating large high-diversity gene libraries
Diagnostics and treatment of aggressive cancer based on PME-1 expression and siRNA-based silencing
Unique gene transcript and protein biomarkers for early prediction of Type 1 Diabetes prior to seroconversion

Diagnostic, Prognostic, Therapeutic and Patient Stratification Tools for Cancers
High-performance Immunoassay for the Detection of Estradiol
Anti-GTP Antibody

Åbo Akademi University – Technology Transfer and Innovations

Technology Transfer at Åbo Akademi is the process of commercialising inventions ideas and concepts developed at Åbo Akademi.

Åbo Akademi University Staff Mobility
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Health Campus Turku and Turku Business Region

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