Research Groups and R&D Platforms: Hit to lead

Research Group:
Bio-Organic Chemistry

Tuomas Lönnberg

Department of Chemistry,
University of Turku

Bioorganic Group

Basic research, Biomolecular chemistry, Diagnostics, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Hit to lead, In Vitro Diagnostics, Lead optimization, NMR, Nucleic acids, Organic Chemistry, Organic compounds, Synthetic chemistry

Research Group:
Structural bioinformatics for drug discovery and development

Mark S. Johnson
finmark54 at icloud dot com

Åbo Akademi University

Ageing-related diseases, Autoimmune diseases, Basic research, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biomolecular chemistry, Biopharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Cancer, Chemical Physics, Computer Science, Diabetes, Drug target, Hit to lead, Inflammation, Inherited diseases, Lead optimization, Lung cancer, Medicinal chemistry, Metabolic diseases, Molecular modelling, Musculoskeletal disorders, Nucleic acids, Organic compounds, Pattern recognition, Personalized medicine, Physico-chemical properties, Preclinical development, Receptor, Signaling, Structural Biology, Surface area, Target discovery, X-ray crystallography

Research Group:
Systems Molecular Engineering

Jianwei Li[at]

Department of Chemistry,
University of Turku

Atomic-force microscopy, Basic research, Biochemistry, Biomarker, Biomedicine, Biomolecular chemistry, Biotechnology, Cancer, Chemical Physics, Combinatorial chemistry, Drug delivery, Drug target, Electron microscopy, Fluorescence spectroscopy, FTIR or RAMAN spectroscopy, Hit to lead, Imaging, Infection, Inflammation, Lead optimization, Medicinal chemistry, Microstructure analysis, Molecular modelling, Nanoparticles, Natural Compounds, Next-generation sequencing, NMR, Nucleic acids, Organic Chemistry, Organic compounds, Particle size analysis, Physico-chemical properties, Powder X-ray diffraction, Preclinical development, Proteomics, Screening, Structural Biology, Synthetic Biology, Synthetic chemistry, Thermal analysis, X-ray crystallography

Research Group:
Medicinal Chemistry

Olli Pentikäinen

Institute of Biomedicine,
University of Turku

Autoimmune diseases, Basic research, Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, Cancer, Hit to lead, Inflammation, Inherited diseases, Lead optimization, Medicinal chemistry, Molecular modelling, Organic compounds, Pharmacology, Physico-chemical properties, Receptor, Screening, Signaling, Structural Biology, Synthetic chemistry

Research Group:
High Content Screening Laboratory

Matthias Nees (Principal Investigator)

Malin Åkerfelt (Contact person, in picture)

Institute of Biomedicine,
Univesity of Turku


Assay development, Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Breast cancer, Cancer, Disease models, Drug target, High throughput imaging, Hit to lead, Imaging, Inflammation, Lead optimization, Lung cancer, Machine learning, Molecular Cell Biology, Natural Compounds, Prostate cancer, Screening, Target discovery

R&D Platform:
Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory (SBL)

SBL places biological data within the three-dimensional molecular context, exploiting this knowledge to derive better understandings of biological processes, especially related to ligand binding and discovery of novel ligands. We combine data from many sources, public and project-generated, both experimental and in silico. SBL has a state-of-the-art crystallography laboratory, uses European synchrotron facilities for diffraction data collection, and solves structures in-house. SBL has extensive computational resources: software, molecular databases, graphic devices for 3D visualization, large-capacity data storage, computational clusters, and we make heavy use of CSC IT Center for Science supercomputing cloud resources for in silico ligand screening and molecular simulations. Our groups share space and infrastructure at SBL, providing a wealth of experience. The unit has responsibilities for Biocenter Finland infrastructures in (1) Bioinformatics, (2) Structural Biology, and (3) Drug Discovery and Chemical Biology, providing open-access to protein crystallization resources, scientific IT and bioinformatics services, hardware and software, and long-term project collaboration, available to everyone.

Our experience focuses on proteins and their interactions with natural and synthetic ligands, including proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and carbohydrates. Our researchers have a broad understanding of the sciences and relevant technologies.

Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory

Basic research, Hit to lead, Lead optimization