Preclinical development

Single Cell Omics

Our mission is to provide a one-stop solution for single-cell analyses. We support high-level research by providing access to platforms allowing unbiased characterisation of cellular identities and regulatory states from heterogeneous samples. Such analyses of individual cells rather than bulk populations can provide new insights into cellular development, responses of individual cells to biological signals […]

R&D Platforms

Center for Functional Materials (FUNMAT)

FUNMAT is a research center in functional materials based at Åbo Akademi University. FUNMAT is combining the expertise in chemistry, physics, biology, paper coating and printing to develop functional materials, devices and large area manufacturing for interfacing with biological systems. The multidisciplinary research is done in close collaboration with industry and our extensive collaboration network […]

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Turku BioImaging

Turku BioImaging, TBI (, is an umbrella organization for “all things imaging” in Turku, jointly operated by Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku. TBI was initiated in 2007 as a broad-based, interdisciplinary imaging consortium that aims at bringing together all biological and medical imaging expertise in Turku and elsewhere in Finland. In 2017, […]

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Turku PET Centre

Turku PET Centre is a Finnish National Research Institute for the use of short-lived positron emitting isotopes in the field of medical research. The scientific research strategy of the Turku PET Centre involves six major topics: Cardiovascular and Metabolic research, Brain research, Cancer research, Preclinical studies and Drug development, Radiochemistry research and Data processing and […]

Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Clinical development, Diabetes, In Vivo Diagnostics, Obesity, PET, Preclinical development

Turku Center for Disease Modeling

TCDM is a research and research service organization at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku, and is part of the Biocenter Finland “Model Organisms” network. TCDM provides state-of-art research facilities and expertise in studies in experimental animals to support both academic and industrial associated preclinical research. The facilities and expertise are also available for contract […]

Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Disease models, Lead optimization, Obesity, Preclinical development

Materials Research Laboratory

Materials Research Laboratory consists of two research groups, Materials Science (Prof. Edwin Kukk) and Materials Physics (Prof. Kalevi Kokko), focusing on both fundamental and applied physics. The interdisciplinary research combines experimental, computational, and theoretical investigations on, for example, organic molecules, semiconductors and other electronic materials, interfaces and surfaces of various systems, metal clusters and metal […]

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