Preclinical development

Industrial Physics Laboratory

The Industrial Physics Laboratory has over 30 years’ experience in pharmaceutical research in collaboration of national and international pharma companies. The laboratory is equipped with extensive thermoanalytical instrumentation (TG, DTA, SMA, DSC, isothermal microcalorimetry) and X-ray diffraction equipments. Other techniques include also a modern gas sorption apparatus (TriStar), FTIR, fluorescence spectrophotometry, dynamic light scattering and […]

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The Instrument Centre

The Instrument Centre serves as a shared facility for University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. With five modern NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) instruments and a sophisticated mass spectrometer, the Centre is one of the best equipped educational NMR/MS facilities in Finland. Our main focus is in NMR spectroscopy and for the applications we have […]

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Bioanalytical Laboratory

Pharmacokinetic assessments and documentation of drug exposure are essential elements of all drug discovery and development endeavours. This research project aims to provide a technology platform for joint projects with investigators working in various fields of drug discovery and development. An automated system enabling frequent blood sampling from freely moving small laboratory animals and modern […]

Hit to lead, Lead optimization, Preclinical development