Industrial Physics Laboratory

Main categories: Drug discovery, Preclinical development

The Industrial Physics Laboratory has over 30 years’ experience in pharmaceutical research in collaboration of national and international pharma companies. The laboratory is equipped with extensive thermoanalytical instrumentation (TG, DTA, SMA, DSC, isothermal microcalorimetry) and X-ray diffraction equipments. Other techniques include also a modern gas sorption apparatus (TriStar), FTIR, fluorescence spectrophotometry, dynamic light scattering and zeta potential measurement instrument as well as access to surface analytical instruments such as TOF-SIMS, HR-SEM, and XPS.

The common research services laboratory have provided include stability and compatibility studies of pharmaceutical formulation, determination of surface amorphicity and crystal polymorphism studies. The main academic research topic of the laboratory is mesoporous drug delivering materials, which has been studied since 2004.  In addition, the electrostatics of powders has studied in the laboratory for almost 20 years already including a number of consultant services to industry.

The Industrial Physics Laboratory