Turku Center for Disease Modeling

Main categories: Drug discovery, Preclinical development

TCDM is a research and research service organization at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku, and is part of the Biocenter Finland “Model Organisms” network. TCDM provides state-of-art research facilities and expertise in studies in experimental animals to support both academic and industrial associated preclinical research. The facilities and expertise are also available for contract research.

The services provided by TCDM are always tailored according to customer’s needs. TCDM generates tumor xenograft and genetically modified mouse models for human diseases. Services using the animal models include pharmacological, dietary and surgical interventions as well as phenotyping analyses on our expertise areas: bone, cardiovascular, intestinal and thyroid diseases, obesity, oncology, neuroendocrinology and reproduction. Phenotyping analyses offered include histology, immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy, hormonal measurements, in vivo imaging for live animals, for example PET/CT, magnetic resonance, ultrasound and optical imaging. For drug development TCDM services include several type of drug efficacy tests, pharmacokinetic analyses of drug compounds and in vivo biodistribution analyses using preclinical animal models. Moreover, TCDM Biostatistics unit offers know-how on the computational and mathematical analyses related to preclinical animal studies, including their experimental design and statistical analysis.