Medical Bioinformatics Centre

Main categories: Diagnostics, Drug discovery

Medical Bioinformatics Centre focuses on the analysis of high-throughput data produced by modern biotechnologies, such as next-generation sequencing and mass spectrometry. The Unit has strong expertise in analysing and interpreting molecular data and it constantly strives for developing new data analysis methods and workflows to support cutting edge research in biology and medicine.  

A specific focus of the research at the Unit is on biomedical applications in close collaboration with experimental and clinical groups. The ultimate goal is to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of complex diseases, such as diabetes and cancer, by combining computational, experimental and clinical expertise.

Medical Bioinformatics Centre provides support and services for the analysis of genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics and proteomics data. The personnel of the Unit consist of more than 20 specialists with expertise in the various fields of bioinformatics and computational biology. 

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Medical Bioinformatics Centre