Cell Imaging and Cytometry

Main categories: Diagnostics, Drug discovery

The Cell Imaging and Cytometry (CIC) is a centralized facility where end users receive the support needed to carry out conventional and advanced imaging and flow cytometry techniques. The unit provides state-of-the-art equipment covering a broad range of live-cell and fixed sample imaging modalities starting from basic widefield microscopy to fluorescence lifetime, super resolution confocal and total internal reflection microscopy. CIC flow cytometry provides cell sorting as a service and maintains analyzers capable of separating up to 17 colours for hands-on use. Users receive one-to-one training from our experienced technical engineers who are available for consultation throughout all steps of the project. CIC is part of the Biocenter Finland Infrastructure Network on Biological Imaging. We cooperate with Turku Bioimaging and EuroBioImaging to improve the accessibility of imaging technologies among the bioscience community.


Email:   masscytometry[at]bioscience.fi     microscopy[at]bioscience.fi     flow[at]bioscience.fi

Phone:  Microscopy:  +358 (0)50 369 7532
               Flow cytometry: +358 (0)50 365 1598

Web:      Cell Imaging and Cytometry