Protein Structure and Chemistry Core Facility

Main categories: Drug discovery

Knowledge of protein structure is central to the understanding of biological processes in living organisms and cells.  The Protein Structure and Chemistry Core Facility assists investigators in the determination and analysis of the 3-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules and their complexes. The facility consists of an in-house X-ray generator and imaging plate detector, cryo-crystallography instrumentation, several computers, a large collection of crystallisation screens, incubators at various temperatures and a crystal imager for automated inspection of crystallizations. The facility provides modern structure determination approaches through regular access to European synchrotrons and use of fully automated remote data collections. Numerous computer programs are available for all the steps of a crystal structure determination and also for visualisation, analysis, and validation of protein structures, homology modelling and docking predictions. The facility has many years of experience in crystal structure determinations and we are able to undertake projects from academic groups and companies.

Protein Structure and Chemistry