The Turku Proteomics Facility

Main categories: Diagnostics, Drug discovery

The Turku Proteomics unit provides advanced proteomics services for academic researchers and industry for all Finland. We have a full range of state of the art mass spectrometers including Q-Exactive and Q-Exactive HF, Orbitrap Velos ETD, Orbitrap Lumos and a ThermoFisher triple quadrupole. We are the Finnish Proteomics methods development centre specialising in the analysis of Post-Translational Modifications (phosphorylation, N-glycosylation, palmitoylation amongst others) as well as quantification methods (targeted SRM, PRM and DIA/SWATH

We provide a full service for samples (from sample preparation to MS data collection and protein identification and quantification) as well as an open access platform whereby customers who have completed a user course can run their own samples. Most quantification methods are available include label-free, TMT, iTRAQ, SILAC and AQUA. We also provide a direct interface with the Turku Bioinformatics unit allowing seamless statistical evaluation of data.

 We have special focus areas of research including biomarker discovery and validation for the clinic and membrane protein analysis. We are developing protocols for small molecule analysis in tissues and serum as well as intact protein-ligand binding monitoring.