Zebrafish Core Facility

Main categories: Drug discovery

Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) is a small freshwater fish that has gained increasing use as a scientific model organism during recent years. As a model organism, the genome of zebrafish can be easily modified using transgenesis and targeted mutagenesis. The externally developing eggs provide a convenient, economic and ethical model for various in vivo studies. As a vertebrate, zebrafish is often used to study development, angiogenesis, cancer biology and regeneration to name few research areas. Zebrafish embryos are also emerging in vivo model for screening toxicity and effectiveness of chemical compounds. Increasing number of mutants, transgenic lines and disease models have been generated recently and are available from international stock centres.

 Zebrafish Core Facility provides assistance, expert consulting, training and necessary equipment to perform experiments utilizing zebrafish models. Basic maintenance and housing of zebrafish is organized by the Zebrafish Core Facility. Consulting covers eg. finding and acquiring appropriate fish lines, help in licence applications and experimental design. Established protocols for various zebrafish methods, such as embryo culture, transgenesis, targeted mutagenesis and sample preparation, are available through the Core Facility. Core facility arranges training in the scientific use of zebrafish models.


Contact: zebrafish[at]bioscience.fi