Drug discovery

The Instrument Centre

The Instrument Centre serves as a shared facility for University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. With five modern NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) instruments and a sophisticated mass spectrometer, the Centre is one of the best equipped educational NMR/MS facilities in Finland. Our main focus is in NMR spectroscopy and for the applications we have […]

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Finnish Functional Genomics Centre

Finnish Functional Genomics Centre (FFGC) is part of the national Biocenter Finland infrastructure and an open-access core facility that supports high level research by offering a full range of services with the latest cutting research technologies and instruments. Among the key applications available are genome-wide or targeted analysis of genomes, epigenomes, transcriptomes and metagenomes. You […]

Basic research, Genomics, Next-generation sequencing, Target discovery

Cell Imaging Core

The Cell Imaging Core (CIC) is a centralized facility where end users receive the support needed to carry out conventional and advanced imaging and flow cytometry techniques. The unit provides state-of-the-art equipment covering a broad range of live-cell and fixed sample imaging modalities starting from basic widefield microscopy to fluorescence lifetime, super resolution confocal and […]

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Bioinformatics Unit

Bioinformatics Unit focuses on the analysis of high-throughput data produced by modern biotechnologies, such as next-generation sequencing and mass spectrometry. The Unit has strong expertise in analysing and interpreting molecular data and it constantly strives for developing new data analysis methods and workflows to support cutting edge research in biology and medicine.   A specific […]

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Auria Biobank

Auria Biobank is a hospital integrated clinical biobank operating in Turku. It is jointly owned by University of Turku and Hospital districts of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa. The catchment population is the area is approximately 900 000 people. Auria biobank was authorized to operate in March 2014. The aim of Auria is to provide […]

Basic research, Target discovery

Bioanalytical Laboratory

Pharmacokinetic assessments and documentation of drug exposure are essential elements of all drug discovery and development endeavours. This research project aims to provide a technology platform for joint projects with investigators working in various fields of drug discovery and development. An automated system enabling frequent blood sampling from freely moving small laboratory animals and modern […]

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